Answering Dental School Interview Questions Requires Diligent Research

How to Interview for Dental School: Lesson 3

This may be one of your dental school interview questions: “Why do you want to come to this dentistry school?” There is no excuse for you not to answer this question intelligently. Make sure to do your homework! Properly research the school of dentistry at which you are interviewing. The dental school’s website is a perfect way to begin. Like an oral surgeon should never schedule a patient's wisdom teeth removal without properly researching the patient's history of gum disease, a student should not select a dental school without researching the dentistry school’s philosophy and strengths. Know about any special programs that the dental school offers in which you may be interested such as an DDS/MPH program. Know when their students begin their clinical rotations and what the dental school emphasizes during didactic years. Don't embarrass yourself and ask the difference between a DDS and DMD degree. (They are the same.)

Be able to formulate AT LEAST one specific reason why you want to go to each dental school you applied. By giving your dentistry school interviewers a specific reason, you will show a genuine interest in attending their school of dentistry. The dental school admissions team needs to know that you are a serious applicant. If the admissions committee believes that you have applied to a dozen schools and their school is number 11 on your list, they probably will not accept you even if you are very qualified. They want to know that you want them just as much as they want you!

Know whether the dental school offers any research opportunities to dental school students and try to identify a research area that interests you. For example, if you were to visit the website of University of Michigan School of Dentistry, you would learn that researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a method of gene delivery that appears safe for regenerating tooth-supporting gum tissue. It would impress your interviewer to refer to this particular study during your interview if it was relevant to your own interests. For example, you may bring it up as follows “I am fascinated by gene therapy and I hope to get involved in a study like this when I am a student here.” This type of response would show your interviewer that you are a serious applicant since you researched and expressed interest in a project specific to their institution.

Take Home Message: To get into one of the best dental schools, do your homework! Answering dental school interview questions requires that you do some online research. Think of at least one reason why you want to attend each dentistry school. This step is critical to prove to the dental school admissions committees that you are a serious applicant to their dental schools.

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