Lesson 5: Good Answer For Interview Question: What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

Interviewees are always searching for a good answer for interview question: "What is Your Greatest Weakness?" Everyone dreads this very common interview question. There is one way to conquer this tough question: Prepare for it hard and then interview easy.

You need to be honest about a weakness of yours but you don’t have to pick your “greatest weakness”. In other words, you do need to confess something but don't confess any significant deficiency that is not already on your job application. If you do, you will guarantee yourself a rejection letter.

Confess something small such as a mistake you’ve made in the past and then show how you have corrected it or learned from it. Here is one example of good answer for interview question about your weakness: Let's suppose that one of your weaknesses is that you tend to lose track of time when you are absorbed in your work. But…now you have come up with a solution to this problem. You set your smartphone to ring every half hour to remind you of the time. Therefore, this is no longer an issue for you.

If you happen to be one of the lucky few not to be asked for a weakness, don’t volunteer any.

Another tough situation that may arise during your interview is being asked about some personal information that you DIDN’T provide on your job application. These days it is possible for your interviewer to google you. Your potential employer may learn all about your interests, your community service, or your political associations just with the click of mouse.

If you have any information about yourself on the web that you do not want your interviewer to know about you, delete it NOW. Be prepared to discuss any public information that is available about you online.

Important Note:If you have a disability or situation that will affect your job performance, you do need to discuss this during your job interview. This is not the situation that we are referring to with the question “What is your greatest weakness?”

After coming up with a good answer for interview question about your weakness, learn how to write a powerful interview thank you note.

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