Lesson 7: Interview Questions To Ask At the End of the Interview

Knowing which interview questions to ask at the end of the interview can increase your chances of interview success. Almost universally, your interviewer will end the interview by asking you “Do you have any questions for me?”. By this point you are tired, and would be more than happy not to ask any further questions. But…don’t be caught off guard and answer “No, I don’t”. It is essential to end the interview in a positive manner by asking one last question to show your genuine interest in the job. However, respect your interviewer’s time by not asking too many questions at the end.

Of course, the question that you choose to ask will depend upon the specific job and position that you are applying for.

Some examples of interview questions you can ask:

(1) “ What do your employees like most about working here?”.

(2) “Do you foresee any significant changes to the company within in the next year or two?”

(3) “What opportunities would I have to collaborate with others?”

Sample Interview Questions NOT TO ASK at end of interview

(1) “How much vacation will I be getting?”

(2) “Who would I talk to about getting a raise?”

(3) “Do you think that you will be taking me for this position?"

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