Lesson 3: Developing Good Interview Techniques Requires Research

To develop good interview techniques, you need to be able to anticipate interview questions. Here is one interview question that you will almost certainly be asked, “Why do you want to work for us?” There is no excuse for you not to answer this question intelligently. Make sure to do your homework!

To best answer the interview question, you need to properly research the job or position for which you are applying. The company’s website is a perfect way to begin. Speaking to other employees of the company is another excellent resource. You need to know the employer's philosophy, strengths and weaknesses.

Be able to formulate AT LEAST one to two specific benefits that you would be able to offer the company if you were hired. To do this, think about your educational background and skills. Based on your research, think about what they can use to grow their company. Then think about how you can use your background to fit their needs. The decision about who to hire comes down to the question of who will offer the company the most benefit. The interview is about "them", not about "you". They will hire whoever benefits "them" the most.

By giving the interviewer a specific reason why they should hire you will elevate you to the top of the competition. You will show a genuine interest in the job and a good work ethic.

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