How To Write An Effective Interview Thank You Letter

Step 1: Get Started By Brainstorming

Ready to get started on your interview thank you letter? The interview thank you letter is the golden opportunity to personally communicate with the interviewer right before a decision is made. Your challenge will be to word the thank you note just right.

Before you do any writing, you need to do a little thinking. "Think" and "thank" are actually related words from a word origin point of view. Therefore, it should not be surprising that it takes a little thinking to do a little thanking. Anyway, don't worry. The thinking stage should only take a few minutes.

Within the thank you note, you will want to slip a short one line pitch about why THEY should hire YOU! Before you begin the process of writing, you need to get into the interviewer's head and think about what he/she needs for the company. Then, think about how YOU will fulfill this need.

To do this, take 5 minutes to brainstorm. Do the following:

#1: On a piece of paper, list two of your attributes or skills

#2: Next to each one, state how each of these attributes or skills will benefit the company

The company will hire you if the message is crystal clear to them how your skills, knowledge or attributes will benefit them. Remember, this is not about you, it is about them. They will hire you if you help them satisfy their needs.

Let me give you an example. Let's say that you are applying to be a fitness trainer at a gym. If you get the position, it will be your responsibility to let the early birds into the gym.

Let's say that the first attribute you listed on your sheet of practice paper is "punctuality".

Now, think about how will this attribute of punctuality will benefit the company. For example in this case, the company's customers will never need to be waiting out in the cold because you will always be on time. (Let's say that during the interview, the boss emphasized his disappointment in the former employee who often showed up late.)

Next to punctuality, you would write: The gym will always be open to customers on time.

Within the interview thank you letter, you would want to get the following message to come across very clearly: "I am a very punctual person and I will make sure that your early bird customers will be able to enter the gym promptly at 5 AM." Are you beginning to get the idea?

Now see if you could list two of your own attributes and skills and how each one benefits the company on a practice sheet. You will be using them in just a few minutes.

Continue your interview thank you letter by moving on to Step 2

How To Write Successful Job Interview Thank You Note

Step 1: Get Started By Brainstorming
Step 2: Write the Important P.S.
Step 3: Greeting and Opening Line
Step 4: Word the Content Just Right
Step 5: Put It All Together and PROOFREAD
Step 6: Optional Components