Interview Thank You Letters : How Important Are They?

Interview thank you letters can play a very important role in helping you get the job if you word them well with words that stir the emotions of the interviewer! We compare interview thank you notes to the icing on the cake. The cake may be delicious with or without the icing on top. But..a beautifully decorated cake tempts you to take a piece, even when you are trying to resist.

Let's say that your interview is over and you already thanked the interviewer on your way out the door. You wonder, "What's the difference whether or not I send a thank you note?" The answer is that it could make a whole lot of difference. A well-planned thank you note that mentions your personal benefit to the company will "tempt" the boss into offering you the job.

You should word the thank you note so that it sends a strong message to the interviewer that you care about the interview, you care about the company and that you care about your job. Aren't these the attributes that the company is looking for in a new employee?

You can write a powerful thank you letter in 15 minutes!

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