How To Write Interview Thank You Notes

Step 2: Write the "P.S." Line First

Why should interview thank you notes even contain a "P.S." line? Studies have shown that the "P.S" line is the MOST FREQUENTLY READ line of any type of letter.

Just think about any letter you have recently read. If you are similar to most people, you will skim down to the signature line and then read the P.S. (post-script) line before reading the contents of the letter. If you are intrigued by the post-script, you will go back and read the contents of the letter in full detail. Your interviewer will do the same. It is just human nature. Companies take full-advantage of this technique when they design marketing material.

Remenber how we discussed how important to define what benefits you bring to the company in Step 1. You will use one of your benefits right now as you create the P.S. line of your interview thank you.

The P.S. line is a chance for you to directly ask for the job and to tell them the main benefit you will bring to the job. Let us explain what we mean by that. Successful salesman ask for the sale . They don't beat around the bush. They will ask their customer to purchase whatever gizmo they are selling. You know what? Simply asking for the sales has proven results

You are, in essence, a salesperson. You are "selling yourself" to the company and need them to buy your product (i.e. give you a job). You need to ask for the sale . The best way to do this, is to slip it into the P.S. in a polite but powerful way.

Of course, you will have to personalize the P.S. for your interview thank you notes depending upon the type of job or position for which you are applying.

Here are samples of post-scripts for interview thank you letters:

P.S. Hire me for as your new company accountant and you will be amazed at the new efficiency of your financial records.


P.S. Hire me as your new operating room nurse and your surgeons will be thankful for my expertise in handing them the the right instrument at just the right time


P.S. Hire me as your new 11th grade history teacher and your students will love how I bring history to life.

Do you see how we accomplished two of our goals in our sample P.S. lines? First, we asked for the job: "Hire me...". Second, we clearly stated the benefit will receive (i.e.bring history to life for students). Are you getting the idea? Now try to create the P.S. for your own interview thank you.

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How To Write Successful Interview Thank You Notes

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