How To Write The Interview Thank You

Step 3: The Greeting and The Opening Line

You are already up to Step 3 of The Interview Thank You Tutorial. Yeah! Step 1 was the hardest since it involved a thinking/brainstorming step. Step 2 involved writing the most important line, the post-script, of the thank you. Now you are over the hurdle and ready for Step 3. This is an easy step.

Let's begin with how to write the thank you greeting. The first thing to check is the spelling of your interviewer's name. It is crucial that you get the spelling right. A misspelled name will portray you as sloppy and uncaring. Don't make this very common mistake. If you don't know how to spell the name, then call a contact to ask how to spell it right.

Begin the thank you note with "Dear ...., " Do you notice the comma after the name? Make sure that you add the comma after the name.

Sample greeting: "Dear Mr. Smith,"

Do not use less formal greetings such as "Hey" or "Hi". It is always best to err on the side of being too traditional than too informal.

Now you are up to the first line of greetings: the acknowlegement line. This should begin as "Thank you for interviewing me..." and continue with interview date, type of position and name of company.

Sample Interview Thank You Opening Line: "Thank you for interviewing me on June 14 for the chief engineering position at Automobile Heaven."

Do not use a more general opening such as "Thank you for interviewing me yesterday". This is not personal enough. Perhaps the interviewer met with several people about different positions. By stating the job title, date and company, it is clear what position you want.

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How To Write Post-Interview Thank You Note

Step 1: Begin By Brainstorming
Step 2: Write the Important P.S. First
Step 3: The Thank You Note Greeting and the Opening Line
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