Job Interview Advice Tutorial

Lesson 2: Role Play as Your Interviewer

Need great job interview advice for how to prepare for your job interviews? Pretend that you are a member of the interview team at the company from which you are seeking employment. Carefully read over your own application as you simultaneously pretend that you do not know anything about yourself except what is written on your application.

If you were your interviewer, what more would you want to know about yourself. For example, you may have held three different jobs in the last three years. If you were your interviewer, wouldn't you want to know why you switched jobs so frequently? Or..if you changed careers, wouldn't you want to know what motivated the change?

Take time to think about each part of your application and how you might elaborate on the details. Never put blame on someone else for one of your deficiencies. For example, don't blame your old boss if your prior job didn't work out. If you do this, your new potential boss will think: “This person will blame me if he/she doesn’t succeed here.” Instead say something such as, “My old job just wasn't the right match for me.”

TAKE HOME LESSON : Prepare for your job interviews by role playing as the interviewer. Think about how to elaborate on the information you provided on your job application and curriculum vitae. Never place blame for any weakness on application on anyone else.

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How To Job Interview: Tutorial

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