Job Interview Thank You Letter

Step 4: How To Word the Content Just Right

Now in Step 4 of this job interview thank you letter tutorial, you will finish writing the body of the thank you. Let's get going...

For, the next few lines of the interview thank you, pick something positive that you discussed with the interviewer. Tell the interviewer how much you enjoyed the conversation. It is important that the interviewer be able to visualize the interaction you had with him (or her).

Interview Thank You Letter Samples: "I enjoyed ..."

"I enjoyed hearing about how Automobile Heaven brainstorms about new ideas for car safety. I was also glad to share with you some of my insights about car safety and consumer buying habits"

"I enjoying learning about how Red Rooster Restaurant uses the highest quality ingredients in their meals. I was glad to share with you some of my cooking experiences with exotic fruits and vegetables." Slip in the Job Pitch

Next, you should include a short pitch about what benefit the company would enjoy if they hired YOU! Pick one of the benefits that you listed in Step 1. Use a different benefit than the one you used in the P.S. line that you created in Step 2. If applicable to your skill set, use one or two adjectives that will make you stand out from the rest... For example, choose an adjective (such as "perfect" or "first class" or "unbeatable") to describe your skills to make you appear to be the very best for the job

Job Interview Thank You Letter: Samples of Job Pitch

"My first class skill with the database language SPSS will serve your company well. I look forward to analyzing your data on the effects of gene therapy on arthritis."

"My unique past experiences with foster children will allow me to communicate well with the teens in your group home. Thus, I will serve as the perfect role model and social worker in this setting."

Sample Closing Line

You can use a standard closing line to end the job interview thank you.

"I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Arnold Kahn"


"If you need any more information about me, please let me know. Sincerely, Kathy Snow"

When you are ready, continue to Step 5 so that you can put it all together!

How To Write An Effective Interview Thank You

Step 1: Brainstorming for the Job Interview Thank You Letter
Step 2: Begin by writing the important P.S.
Step 3: Create a perfect opening line
Step 4: Word the Body of the Thank You Just Right
Step 5: Put It All Together and View Interview Thank You Samples
Step 6: Optional Additional Components