Question: Can Job Interview Thank You Letters Be Emailed?


Yes, you can email job interview thank you letters as long as you have current, valid email addresses of your interviewers. Email is rapidly replacing snail mail as the preferred method of personal and business communication. Before you press the send button, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, and PROOFREAD again. Make sure that it is addressed to the correct person, the content is exactly how you want it, and the spelling and grammar are correct. Avoid all email slang. For example, do not abbreviate "Thank You Very Much" as "TYVM". Always use a formal greeting. Begin with "Dear Mr. Smith," and not "Hey".

We also recommend that you send yourself a copy by adding your email address on the Bcc line. Email addresses on th Bcc line are not visible to other recipients of the email. This way you will know that the email went through; you will receive a copy in your inbox but the other recipients won't see that you sent yourself a copy.

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