Job Interview Thank You Note: The Best Sentence Structure

Your job interview thank you note must accomplish two goals:

(1) Thank the interviewer

(2) Convey the powerful message that you are RIGHT for the job

This is best accomplished with well-constructed, short sentences. Short sentences tend to more clearly understood than long run-on sentences. Also, people tend to make more grammatical errors when they write long, confusing sentences. Grammar mistakes may undermine your credibility.

The aim of your interview thank you note should not be to impress the interviewer with your ability to form beautiful, flowing sentences. (Of course, if you are applying to be a novelist, then our advice may be different). You do, however, want to show the interviewer that you can communicate in a clear, effective manner. No matter what job you want, good communication skills is a plus. A well-written thank you note can highlight your ability to communicate. Use short, well-constructed sentences to make your message clear. This may help you get the job or position you want. On the other hand, an interview thank you note that contains confusing sentences can work against you.

Let us walk you through the process of writing a successful job interview thank you note. Let's begin now...