Job Interview Thank You: Is its only function to butter up the interviewer?

This is a very commonly asked question about the job interview thank you and a very important one. Some applicants feel that it is "corny" to write an interview thank you letter. They think that the interviewer may be "turned off" by the thank you note since the interviewer will not think that the thanks is sincere. We totally disagree with this point of view.

We believe that it is a great mistake not to send an interview thank you. Interviewers are people like everyone else. People like to be thanked and acknowledged for their efforts. Of course, there can be an occasional exception. But in the vast majority of circumstances, people appreciate the time and effort that someone puts into sitting down and writing a personal letter or email to them.

We have never heard of a case when someone was not hired because they sent a thank you note. (The exception to this can be a very poorly done thank you note that indicates complete lack of care.) On the other hand, we have heard about so many positive comments about well-written, personalized interview thank you notes.

Interview thank you letters serve as a means to personally communicate with the people who have taken the time from their schedule to meet with you and share with you some of the inside information about what they do and how their company functions. By all means, thank them for their effort and let them know that you enjoyed chatting with them.

You can write an effective job interview thank you note right now