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We are ready to give you some final med school interview tips for this med school interview preparation tutorial.

The medical school interview is over… whew! After a nerve-racking interview day, you are happy that it’s finally done! But, the interview process is not 100% complete until you have written a thank you letter to your med school interviewer showing your appreciation for meeting with you and great interest in their medical school program. This letter should be a brief, yet personal email or letter written soon after your interview. Do not wait a week until you email/mail this letter. In addition to showing your gratitude and interest in the specific medical program, this letter is a great way to remind the interviewer of your strengths and high qualifications. If you write a letter, make sure that your handwriting is legible, neat, and professional-looking.

Here’s an interview tip of WHAT NOT TO WRITE to your medical interviewer:

Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you for meeting with me today. I really hope to take part in your program.

Sincerely, Karen Berg

The letter above is too general and impersonal. It does not portray any particular interest in the medical school program. Do not make this interview mistake!

Here’s a sample of a good thank you letter:

Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you for meeting with me yesterday and answering my questions about Western States medical school. I particularly liked learning about the medical mentorship program your school offers to incoming students. I also enjoyed hearing about your work with Alzheimer patients. I was glad to have had the opportunity to tell you about the current research project I am doing with cystic fibrosis children. I believe that my interest in academic medicine makes me a good fit for your medical school.

Thank you, Karen Berg

P.S. Accept me to your medical school program and I promise to work as hard as possible to make your institution proud.

After writing your letter, proofread for any typos or mistakes and make sure that you are writing to the correct medical school program. After you have sent this letter, congratulations on finishing the interview process!

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