Lesson 1: How to Develop the Right Med School Interview Mindset

Mastering the med school interview process consists of learning how to properly sell yourself to the admissions team. Every successful salesperson knows that it’s impossible to convince a customer (in this case the med school admissions team) to buy your product (i.e. offer you a spot in the upcoming class) if you yourself don't believe in your product's value. In other words, it is crucial that you believe in yourself to effectively present yourself during your med school interviews in a shining light. Of course your product may not be perfect, but no product is perfect. Perhaps your MCAT score is a little lower than you would have liked or your grade in biology is not as high as your best friend’s grade. Forget your weaknesses for now. (We’ll come back to that in the next lesson.) To develop the right med school interview mindset, focus on your strengths. Think about your unique qualities and accomplishments. After all, if you have been chosen for an interview, your medical school application and personal statement have already told a positive story about you.

Visualize yourself as a physician. Although you do not yet have the required training, convince yourself that you have already have many of the basic qualities that a successful physician needs such as empathy, confidence, intelligence, and compassion. Think about why you personally chose to apply to medical school .Internalize these thoughts so that they become part of you. Think about something you would like to contribute to the field of medicine. Again, it can be something small. This may all sound a bit corny but it is absolutely essential that you complete this task before continuing. Think about past experiences in your life that demonstrate your potential to care for people. Think about any adversity that you may have had to overcome.

Look within yourself in an honest and thoughtful way and contemplate the question: “Why do I really want to be a doctor?”. It’s not necessary to search the web for sample interview answers to this fundamental medical school interview question. There are no right or wrong answers. The answer lies within yourself.. I do not advise you to compose an exact script. You do not want to sound rehearsed. Just internalize your own personal answer to this interview question. Then when you are asked this question in one form or another during med school interviews, you will be able to answer in a natural but passionate way.

Take Home Message of Medical School Interview Tutorial, Lesson 1: You must recognize your personal strengths and attributes, develop a positive interview mindset and most important, believe in yourself to establish credibility with the medical school admissions staff.

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Tutorial: How To Interview For Medical School

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