Which medical interview questions ruin most medical school interviews?

Medical School Interview Tutorial: Lesson 7

Asking the right medical interview questions at the end of the med school interview can increase your chances of medical school acceptance. Almost universally, the medical school interviewer will end the interview by asking you “Do you have any questions for me?”. By this point you are tired, and would be more than happy not to ask any further questions. But…don’t be caught off guard and answer “No, I don’t”. It is essential to end the interview in a positive manner by asking one last question to show your genuine interest in the medical school. However, respect your interviewer’s time by not asking too many questions at the end.

Examples of good medical interview questions to ask:

(1) “In your opinion, what would you say medical students like most about this med school?”.

(2) “I have an interest in alternative medicine (or preventive medicine or geriatrics or ….whatever else you may have an interest in). Are concepts of alternative medicine (or geriatrics or whatever else you choose) incorporated into the med school curriculum?”

(3) “Do you foresee any significant changes to the medical school curriculum within in the next year or two?”

(4) “What opportunities do medical school students have to pursue a research project during their studies here?”

(5) “Do medical students rotate through different types of hospitals such as VA hospitals, inner city hospitals, privatized hospitals, etc”.

Sample Medical School Interview Questions NOT TO ASK

(1) “How long is the summer break between first and second year of med school?”

(2) “Do you think I’ll get in?”

(3) “When will I hear from you about my acceptance or rejection?”

(4) Is my MCAT score high enough?

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