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One of the best medical school interview tips for interview appearance can be summed up in one word: CONFORM. And…the most appropriate medical school interview attire can also be summed up in one word: CONSERVATIVE. You do not want your appearance or clothes to stand out. You want to look and smell: clean, fresh and professional. You want to be remembered by the medical school admissions team for who you are, not for what you wear. The med school interview team knows that the way you look on med school interview day, will probably be the most professional you will appear at any time in your medical career. They want to be able to look at you and be confident that they would be proud for you to represent their honorable medical institution.

Medical School Interview Tips For Male Interview Attire: A nicely-pressed suit (preferably black, navy blue or gray), a solid white (or possibly light blue) shirt, sophisticated tie and clean, polished dark-colored shoes work best. Dark-colored mid-calf socks should blend in with the outfit. Bring with you an extra tie and some scotch tape (if a hem becomes undone) just in case. Make sure that you smell fresh (shower and deodorant), have clean, short nails and do not wear any cologne.

Medical School Interview Tips for Female Interview Attire: There is a more leeway on what interview clothes women can wear: either a pants suit or a skirted suit is the most common interview outfit. If you wear a skirt, it should be at least up to the knee and worn with pantyhose. For heavy set female interviewees, it is sometimes better to wear to a one-piece dress instead. Try on different outfits and ask your friends for their opinions as to what looks most professional on you. Make sure not to wear something that is too revealing or too tight. A small to moderate amount of makeup and/or jewelry can nicely accent your outfit. Ideally, you should wear dress shoes with closed toes-- flats or heels of around 3" or less. Your shoes should be clean and sharp-looking, to complement your outfit. You can wear your hair in a simple but sophisticated style. Make sure that your nails are clean and you smell fresh (shower and deodorant) but no perfume. Bring with you an extra pair of panty hose, a roll of tape (in case a hem becomes undone) and safety pins just in case you need it.

Key Medical School Interview Tips for All Interviewees:

(1) Make sure that you like your interview outfit. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it. If you associate a particular set of interview attire with a negative experience, then don’t wear that outfit. You must feel confident in your interview clothes to perform your best during your medical school interviews.

(2) Wear interview clothes that are comfortable. It is a given that your interview attire will not be as comfortable as wearing jeans and a tee shirt. However, make sure that you do feel fairly comfortable in your interview clothes and that your shoes fit properly. Medical interview day can long and exhausting enough. You don’t want to be squirming because your clothes or shoes are bothering you. This can ruin how you present yourself during the med school interview.
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