Medical School Interview Tips and Strategies

How To Interview For Medical School Tutorial: Introduction

Invited for a medical school interview? Congratulations! Your medical school application has demonstrated your potential to pursue a successful medical career. Your grades, essays, MCAT scores and personal letters of recommendations have convinced the medical school admissions committee that you are a potential match for their med school. Only 10-15% of med school applicants are invited for a med school interview. If you have been invited for one, you should be very proud of yourself!

The med school interview will give you a chance to sell yourself to the admissions committee. My job here is to teach you how to interview to convince them that you are the real deal: a mature, articulate and intelligent applicant, capable of devouring knowledge, learning new skills and making life and death decisions. They know that you are a novice right now. But.. you want them to believe that after the rigorous training process that doctors go through, you will have the capability to learn how to amputate limbs, analyze blood, urine and excrement, or cut open people’s chests while still maintaining your sanity. (Are you sure that you still want to apply to medical school?)

Just as you have spent time studying for your pre-medical courses, preparing for the MCAT exam and writing your medical school personal statement, you must devote time to interview preparation. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!” . Medical school admission committees cite the interview as the most important determining factor for medical school acceptance. You need to conquer the interview process to skyrocket your medical school acceptance rate.

Are you ready to get started in preparing for your interview and developing interview strategies? Below is my how to interview tutorial designed especially for you: the med school applicant. It is filled with interview tips, practice questions, interview mistakes and lots more.

Medical School Interview Tutorial

Lesson 1: Develop the Right Medical School Interview Mindset
Lesson 2: Role Play as the Medical School Admissions Officer
Lesson 3: Do Your Medical School Research Homework
Lesson 4: Ace Your Medical School Interviews By Practicing Questions
Lesson 5: Answering the Toughest Interview Question
Lesson 6: Dress To Impress the Med School Admissions Team
Lesson 7: Know Which Medical Interview Question To Ask
Lesson 8: Advice for Interview Day
Lesson 9: The Ideal Interview Thank You Letter

After your interview, write a successful interview thank you letter. Learn more...