Prepare For Medical School Interviews by Reverse Role Play as the Medical School Interviewer

How to Interview For Medical School Tutorial: Lesson 2

Here is a great bit of advice for how to continue to prepare for your medical school interviews. Pretend that you are a member of the medical school admissions staff at one of the top medical schools. Carefully read over your own application as you simultaneously pretend. that you do not know anything about yourself except what is written on your application. If you were on the admissions committee, what more would you want to know about yourself. For example, you may have listed a volunteer experience in a hospital as one of your extracurricular activities. You may be asked to elaborate on that. For example, what did you accomplish as a volunteer in the hospital? Or, perhaps there are other aspects of your medical school application that you may be asked about. What new emotions did you experience when you played with the sick children in the recreation center? Why were your grades so low during sophomore year? Why was your MCAT score in physics lower than your MCAT scores on other sections? Why did you take organic chemistry at a community college instead of at your undergraduate university?

Take time to think about each part of your application and how you would give more details during your med school interviews. Never put blame on someone else for one of your deficiencies. For example, don’t blame a bad grade on a bad professor (even if its true). If you do this, the med school interview team will think: “This person will blame us if he/she doesn’t succeed here.” Instead say something such as, “My study skills were not up to par when I took chemistry but since then, I’ve worked hard on learning how to focus my studying by practicing problems from old exams. My other grades in science courses reflect my improvement”.

Here is another example of WHAT NOT TO SAY during your med school interviews: “My pre-med advisor told me to take organic chemistry at my local community college because he said that I would have a better chance to do well in it there.” This type of interview answer makes me think of you as a puppet by doing whatever your adviser tells you to do. It does not make you look like you think for yourself. In addition, it does not offer an acceptable answer to the question. It would give me the impression that you were scared to take the chemistry course of your university so you copped out by taking it at the community college. Instead, your answer to that medical school interview question should sound something like this: “ My local community college offered medical school pre-requisites during the summer. By enrolling in their summer course in organic chemistry, I was able to spend time with my family during July and August. In addition, by completing organic chemistry during the summer, I was able to take more advanced courses in my major at my university during the school year. It was a win-win situation for me. “

TAKE HOME LESSON : Prepare for your medical school interviews by role playing as the admissions officer. Think about how to elaborate on the information you provided on your medical school application. Never place blame for your any weakness on your med school application on anyone else.

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How To Interview For Medical School Tutorial


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