Post Interview Thank You Note: Does a great thank you note guarantee a job?

A well written post interview thank you note moves you a step closer to getting the job or position you want. It creates a positive impression on the interviewer just when he is making a decision about whether to hire you.

But..of course...there is no guarantee that even the most fantastic interview thank you letter will get you the job. There are many factors that are taken into account when a new employee is hired.

Let's list some of them:



educational background

ability to communicate



The interview thank you letter can help highlight some of your great features. For example, just by sending the interview thank you, you show that you are polite. By writing it well, you show your ability to communicate. By sneaking in a little job pitch, you remind the interviewer of your outstanding skills. it is of great importance to put the proper time and effort into writing a powerful, professional interview thank you. It will undoutedly move you closer to the top of the competition.

You can write an effective post interview thank you note right now. Learn how...