Sample Interview Thank You Letter

Here is an example of a sample interview thank you letter written by a college student applying to vet school. We provide our critique of the thank you note. Below that, we post an improved version of the interview thank you sample.

Dear Dr. Hiner,

Thank you for meeting with me today and giving me a tour of the vet school. I interacted with a lot of students. I am very excited about becoming a veterinarian. I hope that your school will give me this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Mary Jokowski

There are several good points about the above interview thank you note:

(1) She sent it out in a timely fashion (the same day as her interview).

(2) There are no spelling errors.

(3) There are no blatant grammar mistakes.

(4) Her writing is clear.

(5) She expressed her excitement about becoming a vet.

Areas that Need Improvement:

(1) Make the letter more personal

(2) Give a reason why the school should take her

(3) Give a reason why she wants to attend this particular school

(3) Add a P.S. (The P.S. line is the most frequently read line of any letter)

Improved Version of Sample Interview Thank You Letter

Dear Dr. Hiner,

Thank you for meeting with me today, September 13, and giving me a tour of Long Island Veterinary Academy. I was particularly impressed by the cleanliness and efficiency of the small animal clinic. I was fascinated by your work in canine ophthalmology. I enjoyed sharing with you some of my stories about my volunteer work at my local dog shelter.

I have a particular interest in animal surgery. I am particularly attracted to your school since your institution has a wonderful reputation in this area. My dedication to helping animals and my ability to work hard academically makes me a great applicant to your program. I am very excited about becoming a veterinarian and I hope I will get the opportunity to pursue my goal at your program.

Sincerely, Mary Jokowski

P.S. If you accept me at your program, I will work as hard as possible to become an ethical, compassionate veterinarian that will make your school proud.

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