Sample Interview Thank You Notes

Step 6: Additional Components

In Step 5, you were able to view some sample interview thank you notes.

Here in Step 6, you will learn about some additional components that you may want to add to your interview thank you letter depending upon your individual circumstances. We do not recommend that you address any of the following in the opening paragraph. Instead, add an additional paragraph to the interview thank you letter

Sample Interview Thank You Notes: Additional Components

Sample #1: Perhaps the interviewer raised a hesitation about hiring you for a particular reason. For example, let's say that you had lack of experience in a given field. You will want to address this concern in the interview thank you note to put the issue to rest. The interviewer will appreciate that you acknowledge his concern. Give your plan for how you will overcome your deficiency.

"I understand your concern that I am just finishing law school so I do not have a lot of work experience yet. However, I have spent the last few summers interning at a patent law office in which I was able to participate in researching and writing up several patents. In addition, I have an excellent academic background and I will be able to make up any deficiency in work experience in a short time."

Sample #2: Let's say that botched up one part of the interview. You would want to address this in the interview thank you. Let's say, for example, that you came late to the interview. Apologize, accept blame and then reassure the interviewer that this won't happen again. Do not address this in the opening paragraph since the opening paragraph should remain very positive.

"Please accept my heartfelt apology for coming late to the interview. I, unfortunately, did not plan adequately for the traffic and weather conditions. I will always allow extra time so that I will not be late again."

Sample #3: Let's say that you told the interviewer that you were going to send in additional information. Make sure that you address that in the interview thank you.

Please find attached to this email my updated C.V. and reference sheet. If there is any other info that would be helpful to you, please let me know."

Steps To Writing An Effective Interview Thank You

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