Thank You For Job Interview Note: Should it be handwritten?

It is always a nice feeling to receive a handwritten thank you for job interview note. It makes the interviewer feel special that you took the time and effort to write a thank you note in your own handwriting.

With all that said, we recommend a few rules regarding handwritten interview thank you notes:

(1) Handwrite the thank you note only if you have a legible handwriting. It is okay to use either print or cursive. If the note is not readable or messy, you will appear less professional.

(2) Take time to neatly and carefully address the envelope in a legible fashion. The envelope will be the first part of the thank you to leave an impression on the interviewer. You know what they say "First impressions count most." You don't want to send an envelope with smudge marks and cross-outs.

(2) Use a professional-appearing note card printed on good quality stock. You do not want to appear cheap by sending it on cheap paper. You also do not want to send it on "Bozo The Clown" notepaper.

(3) If it will cause a considerable delay to handwrite the thank you note, then consider sending it by email instead. Time is of the essence. Send out the interview thank you in a timely fashion.

Let us walk you through the steps of writing effective thank you for job interview notes.