How soon should you send out thank you letters after interview?

You should send out thank you letters after interview as soon as possible. Time is of the essence. An interview thank you note should preferably be sent out within 48 hours or even sooner. Did you know that 95% of job applicants never even bother to send out any thank you note after the interview. Don't make this mistake! Grab the chance to leave a positive, final impression on your interviewer before a job decision is made. It can make the difference between getting the job or losing it to a colleague.

Keep in mind that sloppy interview thank you notes can work against you. Sometime, a poorly-worded thank you with multiple grammar and spelling errors can be worse than no thank-you at all. Why? Because it can end up leaving the interviewer with the impression that you are lazy and uncaring about the details of your work. Keep in mind that you want to take the time to word the interview thank you just right. Make sure to proofread it carefully. Personalize it so that the interviewer gets the impression that it was written specifically for him or her.

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